Welding and Joining Laboratory

Welding laboratory is one of the most important  and active laboratories in materials science and Engineering department. Many of welding and cutting processes such as submerged are welding. MIG/MAG welding. Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding. Shielded metal are welding. (by AC and DC power sources). Spot and seam Resistance welding. Oxyful gas cutting and plasma are cutting are carried out in this laboratory.
out or are caring in this laboratory. Some of these thesis have been continued as a industrial or semi industrial projects. Following activities are presented in welding laboratory:

  • - Evaluation of tensile properties of welded structures according to standard tests.
  • - Evaluation of thoughness of weld metal and heat affected zone at different temperatures.
  • - Evaluation of bending properties of weld metal according to standard tests.
  • - Designing of welding procedure specification (WPS) and procedure Qualification Record(PQR) for all industrial parts .
  • - Qualification of welders and carrying out the related tests.
  • - Qualification of electrodes and wires (filler metals ) according to standard tests.
  • - Optimization of arc welding processes for different metals and alloys.
  • - Repair welding and hard facing of different industrial parts.
  • - Development of new welding processes specially solid.
  • - State welding processes such as friction stir welding, sub-merged arc welding, resistant welding unit.

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