Mechanical Metallurgy Laboratory

This Laboratory is equipped with machines and instruments to measure mechanical properties of materials such as tensile, compression , fatigue , and creep properties:

  • - Universal Testing Machine with a 1600ºC furnace
  • - Tensile and compression tests. Tensile and compression tests can be carried out with different cross head speed from 0.05 to 50 cm/min at different temperatures up to 1600ºC.
  • - Fatigue Test. Two existing fatigue machines, rotate bending, and push – pull, can be used for fatigue life, and fatigue limit determination. The push-pull mechanic is equipped with a software and is able to carry out fatigue tests with different frequencies.
  • - Creep test. The three existing creep machines are able to test different materials at different temperatures up to about 1200ºC.
  • One of these machines are equipped with a software for plotting the e-t curve.
  • - Impact test. The impact machine is able to measure the fracture energy of materials according to charpy standard 
  • - Hardness test. Two hardness machines are able to measure the hardness of materials with Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell methods.

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