Electron Microscopy and X-ray Laboratory

In the X-Ray Lab chemical analysis and phase identification are performed on a variety of materials including metals, ceramics, polymers and composites. Chemical analysis of elements with atomic numbers higher than 10 is possible using the XRF unit. Phase identification and crystal structure determination are carried out using X-Ray Diffractometer.

In the Electron Microscopy Lab, size, morphology and distribution of phases, crystal structure, crystal defects and phase transformation are regularly studied in different kinds of materials. Nano-scale materials are also investigated using PHILIPS CM 200 TEM/STEM unit.

Examples of services provided by Electron Microscopy Lab are as follows:

  • - Study of size, shape and distribution of phases in metals, polymers, ceramics and composites down to nano-scale.
  • - Study of crystalline defects such as dislocations, stacking faults and grain boundaries.
  • - Study of orientation relationship in multiphase samples.
  • - Study of phase transformations such as recrystallization, precipitation and martensitic transformations.
  • - Study of deformed structures and micro-mechanisms of deformation.
  • - Study of thin films.


  • - PHILIPS CM 200 TEM/STEM (200 kV)
  • - PHILIPS EM 201 TEM (100kV)
  • - X-ray Diffractometer
  • - JEOL JSM 35  SEM
  • - PHILIPS PW 1140 XRD
  • - PHILIPS 1410 XRF
  • - Agar Low Speed Diamond Saw
  • - Gatan Disc Dimpler
  • - Gatan Ultrasonic Disc Cutter
  • - Gatan Disc Punch
  • - Gatan DuoMill Ion Milling
  • - Struers Tenopol-5 Jet-Polisher
  • - Fishion Twin Jet-Polisher
  • - Edwards Sputter Coater
  • - Dark Room Utilities
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