Corrosion and Coating Laboratory

This laboratory is active in both corrosion and coating fields. It is well equipped with facilities such as : salt spray, atmospheric corrosion test unit, corrosion test loop, cathodic protection, EG&G Galvanostat and potentiostat, AC impedance, humidity chamber, oxidation furnaces, AMEL potentiostat, magnetic thickness gauge, rectifiers, pulse generator, ultrasonic cleaner, stress corrosion cracking machine and many accessories for both educational and research purposes.
Industrial available services are as follow:

  • - Case  study and failure analysis.
  • - Electrochemical studies such as polarization and voltametry.
  • - Corrosion testing and monitoring.
  • - High temperature corrosion study, oxidation, sulphidation and  hot corrosion.
  • - Mechanical corrosion testing, S.C.C,C.F,H.E.
  • - Coating testing, uniformity, thickness, adhesion.
  • - Salt spray and humidity test.
  • - Cathodic protection design & study.
  • - Corrosion testing of non metallic materials, reinforced concrete, polymers and ceramics.

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