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Materials Science and Engineering is an interdisciplinary science that is located in the joint chapter of chemistry, physics and mechanics. The purpose of this field is to study the structure of materials at the microscopic, nano, atomic, and electron scales to establish a link between structure and material properties to improve material properties, develop novel materials, develop and design raw material production processes and engineering products. The field today covers the study of a wide range of engineering materials such as polymers, semiconductors, ceramics, metals, composites, soft and biological materials, minerals and minerals.

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Synthesis and characterization of rGO/Fe2O3 nanocomposite as an efficient supercapacitor electrode material

Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics (2020)

Z. Abasali karaj abad, A. Nemati, A. Malek Khachatourian, M. Golmohammad

Effect of YSZ sol-gel coating on interaction of Crofer22 APU with sealing glass for solid oxide fuel/electrolysis cell

Journal of Alloys and Compounds (2020), 156496

H. Mousa Mirabad, A. Nemati, M.A. Faghihi-Sani, M. Fakouri Hasanabadi, H. Abdoli

Bioinspired multifunctional TiO2 hierarchical micro/nanostructures with tunable improved bone cell growth and inhibited bacteria adhesion

Ceramics International 46 (2020) 9669

S.Y. Rahnamaee, R. Bagheri, M. Vossoughi, Sh. Ahmadi Seyedkhanid, A. Samadikuchaksaraei

Core-sheath gelatin based electrospun nanofibers for dual delivery release of biomolecules and therapeutics

Materials Science and Engineering C 108 (2020) 110432

N. Zandi, R. Lotfi, E. Tamjid, M.A. Shokrgozar, A. Simchi