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Materials Science and Engineering is an interdisciplinary science that is located in the joint chapter of chemistry, physics and mechanics. The purpose of this field is to study the structure of materials at the microscopic, nano, atomic, and electron scales to establish a link between structure and material properties to improve material properties, develop novel materials, develop and design raw material production processes and engineering products. The field today covers the study of a wide range of engineering materials such as polymers, semiconductors, ceramics, metals, composites, soft and biological materials, minerals and minerals.

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Election of Prof. Simchi as the National Exemplary Professor
3 August

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International Publications in 2019

Last publications

The role of powder preparation route on physical and mechanical properties of Cu-rGO bulk nanocomposites

Materials Today Communications 2021

N. Fahimi, P. Abachi

Precipitate strengthening of pyramidal slip in Mg-Zn alloys

Materials Science and Engineering A 2021

R. Alizadeh, J .Wang, J. LLorca

Recent advances in the modification of carbon-based quantum dots for biomedical applications

Materials Science & Engineering C 120 (2021) 111756

A. Alaghmandfard, O. Sedighi, N. Tabatabaei Rezaei, A. Abbas Abedini, A. Malek Khachatourian, M.S. Toprak, A. Seifalian

The fabrication and characterization of bioactive Akermanite/Octacalcium phosphate glass-ceramic scaffolds produced via PDC method

Ceramics International 2021

S. Abdollahi, A. Paryab, R. Khalilifard, M. Anousheh, A. Malek Khachatourian